My Bucket List- Video


Authors Note

My bucket list is a mish mash of a couple different general themes. Although I am a dancer I don’t have many dance based goals. Dance has played a huge role in my life thus far, I don’t plan on becoming a professional dancer or taking my dance career too much farther in my life. It has never been my goal to do something like dance on a notorious stage infront of a huge audience. Despite this, a large portion of my bucket list is still based around athleticis, just not so much dance. Lots of my physical activity goals are things I have always wanted to do but not had the time for or been able to because of dance. Along with many sports related goals my list is includes a lot of items about travelling which is another theme seen through out my list. I have not travelled extensively, but from the trip I took to Puerto Rico in middle school and Jamaica in high school I caught the travelling bug. I was exposed to how much there is in the world to see and expirience, and how fun and fascinating other countries and peoples cultures are. This inspired goals like living, learning and working in other countries, and doing activities I cannot do here in Canada in different countries. I also have a few music related goals, from meeting specific artists, seeing certain concerts, attending festivals and learning a new instrument. Music is an important part of my life. I have played multiple instruments and gained a lot of respect for a variety of genres from being a dancer. I would love to further my horizon musically in the future. I hope this list can help motivate me to continue try new things, stay positive and do stuff I have wanted to do for a while but never put true effort into doing. 

Personal Addition #30- Dragon Boat 🐲🚤

Yesterday I competed in my first dragon boat competition. Our team did not expect to do well as it was most of our first times doing it and the teams last year did not do very well. It turned out that after every boat had raced once we were in 8th place out of 35 which was very exciting! By the end of the second heat we were in 14th or 15th out of 35. This meant we made it into the finals as the top 16 teams did. Apparently our school had not made it to the finals for a very long time so we were surprised by how well we did and proud. Not besides the racing the day was extremely hectic due to the weather. It was ridiculous. One minutes it was sunny and scorching hot the next raining. Then blazing hot again back to rain then hot and then it got even worse. My friend and I got stuck in our lawn chairs with two umbrellas in pouring rain and HAIL. We were getting pelted from all directions, and soaking wet because the rain was coming down so hard it was coming through our umbrellas. At a point when it slowed slightly we made a break for my car. We heard from members of our group saying they were leaving. I was very disappointed that although we made it to the finals we would not be competing as we did not have a full team. I was annoyed that people were bailing but my friend and I decided to leave because there was no point in staying with half of our team leaving. On our way home we got a phone call from a member of our team who said they were leaving that in fact they did stay and we were still going to race. I turned around and went back to participate in our final race. We came in third, so we ended 15th out of 35 which I was very proud of. The day was an exhausting, physically and mentally, wet, and messy, but also fun and an expirience I will never forget.

Here is a picture of my team named “Floating Ducks”

Bucket List

1. Swim in a waterfall

2. Surf in the ocean

3. Pay for the persons order behind me in a drive through

4. Meet Beyoncé 

5. Ride in a hot air balloon

6. Work in another country

7. Study abroad 

8. Go to a Cirque du Soleil show I havnt see yet

9. Graduate from university 

10. Volunteer at my elementary school

11. Play a game of baseball

12. Slalom skii

13. Catch a fish that’s longer than 34 inches 

14. Play a game of hockey and score

15. Teach dance classes to underprivileged kids

16. Go snorkelling in Bora Bora 

17. Zipline through Thailand

18. Get married

19. Run a marathon

20. Die my hair

21. Own a dog

22. Donate my old clothes

23. Go to a playoff hockey game

24. See Blake Sheldon in concert

25. Meet Adam lavienge 

26. Get a gym membership

27. Get a summer job

28. Go camping with friends 

29. Ride the ferris wheel at the Santa Monica pier

29. Go to Florida for sping break

30. Attend Mardi Gras 

31. Donate blood

32. Make atleast 5 new friends at university

33. Go to a music festival In Europe

34. Learn how to play the guitar

35. Compete in a dragon boat race

36. Learn to drive standard

37. Dance in a flash mob

38. Live on another continent 

39. Buy a car

40. Play a 9 hole game of golf

41. Ride on a train

42. Go Wakeboarding

43. Go roller blading

44. Go skating on the river at the forks

45. Go down a water slide at Ontario Place water park 

46. Go parasailing somewhere tropical

47. Drive a truck

48. Play beach vollyball

49. Finish reading “Breaking the rules”

50. Learn how to snowboard 

51. Go bar down at the odr

52. Buy a pair of Birken Stocks 

53. Buy a house

54. Learn how to cook a new dinner

55. Be an aux pair in another country (one I’ve never been to before) 

56. Go to Country Fest

57. Grow my own flowers

58. Go to an all inclusive resort with a group of friends 

59. Ride a horse 

60. Milk a cow

61. Pull an all nighter (don’t sleep in the morning either)

62. Win atleast $50 at the Casino

63. Have kids

64. Go white water rafting 

65. Own a pair of Lou Boutons 

66. Buy something from Tiffany’s

67. Go on the Zipper 

68. Attend the Olympics opening ceremony

Short Story: The Vast Unknown by Cassidy Zrobek and Alyssa Crockett

The Vast Unknown

The walls started to close around me. I tried to catch my breath but it was stuck deep in my chest. I attempted to push the 900 pound steel door open but of course it didn’t budge. I knew at that moment my fate was sealed, there was no turning back. I could vaguely see my reflection in the steel door in front of me. My long brown hair was pulled back into a tight bun on the top of my head. With my petite frame I was swimming in the jacket I was given. The last thing I saw was my crystal blue eyes staring back at me before the box I was trapped in started to accelerate. The world around me was a blur. I was shot up, moving towards the surface at a mile a minute. I jolted to an abrupt stop and the heavy steel door scraped open. I stepped out of the box into the unexplored land above. I was immediately blinded by piercing bright light that made me stumble backwards into a hard smooth surface. I turned around to see the door had already been sealed and locked behind me. There was no turning back, I thought to myself. My head pounded from the intensity of the situation.

Of the 1000 of us that lived underground, myself and a boy named Cal had been chosen as the first people to explore the surface in search of a healing plant called Medicus. We would be searching what used to be called Canada for Medicus as it is the only thing that will heal our dying leader. It is the year 2085 the 50th anniversary of the world above ending. From the stories we had been told growing up we were prepared for the worst. A nuclear war had destroyed the earth and everyone on it except a lucky few that found safety in an bunker deep underground. Most of us were born down here and have never seen the surface of the earth.

I snapped back to reality as my eyes finally adjusted to the brightness. I inhaled sharply as I stared into the vast unknown of what I had waited my whole life to see. I looked up in amazement at the brilliantly blue sky that was lit up by a blinding sphere of  piercing light, what I was sure was the sun. Green blades were sticking up everywhere around me, they spread as far as I could see. Among the blades there were towering brown structures covered in uniquely shaped vibrant green flakes. I could only imagine these were what had been described as trees. I looked to my left and saw my partner Cal several meters away in front of his own steel door. I had never been so happy to see someone in my entire life. I yelled his name and ran over to him as he looked about as confused as I was. “This place is unbelievable!” he exclaimed. 

          I shot a glance in his direction, “where do we start?” 

          He looked at me with determination and said, “we need to begin our search for Medicus, the instructions were pretty clear.”

          I pointed across the field and said with a concerned look, “we should head towards the stream in the clearing over there. But Cal, we need to use extreme caution, who knows what could be out here.” 

We started to walk across the green blades when all of the sudden I knew something wasn’t right. The ground went soft and began to give under my feet. I tried to keep moving forwards but my foot had sunk into the ground past my ankle and kept sinking further. I screamed to Cal to grab my arm to help pull me out. As he ran over his feet began to seep into the earth as well but he pulled me out just before he got stuck. I was panting and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest. We sprinted for the clearing, and collapsed once we reached the safety of solid ground.

“That was a close one.” Cal said as he shot me a adrenaline filled smile. Cal had always been fearless and loved a good adventure. He had mud coating the side of his face and his curly brown hair hung like a mop around his head. He stood up and offered me his hand. I could see his arm muscles ripple in the sunlight as he effortlessly lifted me onto my feet. “Unfortunately we need to keep moving.”

I walked over to the stream and ran my hand through the water. “They said the Medicus should be near water, so we should split up and look around here.” I walked along the muddy bank thinking to myself that this place wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was keeping my eyes peeled for small pale green seven leafed plant.

No more than five minutes later Cal hollered “I found the Medicus! Lets meet back at the clearing.”

I ran as fast as I could but abruptly stopped as I felt the earth jolt beneath my feet. I hesitantly called out to Cal “Did you feel that?” I didn’t hear a response and began sprinting again. The shaking came again but this time it did not stop. This must have been the cause of the shaking we occasionally felt in the bunker, but this was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I could hear trees cracking and smashing to the ground. As I was running I tripped on a tree root and fell hard onto my stomach. I looked up and saw Cal across the stream from me. The earth began to crack forming gaps in the ground around us. Just as I stood up there was a deafening boom and the earth split wide open between us. Panicked I screamed Cal’s name as I watched the ground below him crumble. He shrieked as he tumbled into the crack with the Medicus plant in his hand. I dropped to my knees and began to shake and cry. I knew he was gone. Along with our chance of saving our leader. I would have to go back empty handed and alone. I thought the shaking had stopped but I was wrong. The ground beneath my feet started to collapse. Panic set in as I had no where to run. The earth gave way and my stomach dropped as I fell towards my death.

I shot up and hit my head on the bottom of the bunk bed above me. I was out of breath and covered in sweat. I relaxed as I realized it was all a dream, except that today actually is the day I would be going up. I could only hope the surface would be more forgiving than it had been in my dream for the sake of our leader and people, although I wasn’t so sure that would be the case. Cal popped his head over the edge of the bunk above me looking just as exhausted as I felt. I asked him what was wrong and he replied that he had had an awful nightmare about exploring the surface. He said he was lucky enough to find the plant but soon after died from falling into a crack in the earth. I was stunned and could hardly sort out my thoughts as I realized our dreams were identical. Cal didn’t believe me but I knew the truth. I thought to myself this had to be more that a coincidence. I was now more nervous than ever that our nightmares might become a reality in the very near future.

Eaves Dropping dialogue exersize

I. I went to the cafeteria, infront of the office and outside a classroom.
ii. In the cafeteria I listened for maybe 10 minutes, outside the office was very short Id say less than two minutes and outside the classroom for a couple minutes. 
iii. The caf convo was between a girl and two guys
The office convo was between 3 EA’s
And the classroom was between Mr. Wachs and his class.
iv. Sneaky and in the first case even though it was a conversation that I might normally listen to and it wasn’t one that I shouldn’t have heard I felt almost a little guilty/weird doing it. 
The outside the office convo was harmless so I didn’t feel bad at all eaves dropping it was kind of fun I felt like a spy. The classroom conversation was a lesson being taught so I didn’t feel very sneaky or anything as there was nothing wrong with me listening in. Over all it was kind of fun.
2. I noticed a lot how people speak at different volumes especially since I was trying to listen in on what they were saying. Some people I could hear every word they were saying and others hardly a murmur.
3. I can apply this to my writting by being sure to include the volume at which things are spoken as that tells us about the character and the tone. 
4. You can learn about someone’s personality and character both by what the talk about and how they talk about it (tone). You can learn about their interests. You can find out whether they are extroverted and social or shy by how often the participate in the conversation and how loudly they do so. 
5. The conversation becomes unbalanced. Often the conversation becomes primarily between two members with others participating less. Or one dominant leader may be seen out of the group. The conversation becomes louder and often more complex. I found more questions were asked when the conversation was between more than two people.
6. It surprised me how no one was too suspicous of us. I guess being on my phone was pretty reassuring to the people that I was not paying attention as being focused on your phone and not paying attention to your surroundings is very common. 
7. Written text often doesn’t including body language, eye motions and facial expressions. Where as spoken conversation includes all of this and more. Spoken conversation evokes physical feelings and emotions much more than written. They both can relay information and tell a story but spoken conversation generally includes a lot more senses. 

Personal Addition #29- Senior Baseball Game

I had been looking forward to this day for a long time. On the night before the game I was reminded by my mother that I had a final grad dress appointment to try on and take home my dress at 2:30 on the same day as the game and my team was supposed to play at 2:50. Originally the game was scheduled for the 28th of May so there was no conflict and I did not realize the problem with the rain date. Thankfully I was able to re-schedule my dress appointment to monday and play in the game. A couple team members and I went to Boston Pizza and then went to the game. Even though it was cloudy it was so hot outside. I love warm weather but I would have preferred if it was a bit colder out. I practiced playing catch for  quite a while and eventually it came my teams turn. I hit the ball on my first swing but it went very close to Mr. JR who threw it to first before I got there. The game was fun but no one took it very seriously so it wasn’t competitive which I was okay with. I completed one of my goals to play a baseball game on my Buried Life Bucket List, so I was happy about that. Over all it was a fun day that I enjoyed spending with my friends. 

Team pic